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Discover new exciting features of future bpm’online releases.

If you are looking for information on the latest available bpm'online version, please see bpm'online release notes.

icn_marketing.pngBpm’online marketing

Bulk email


You will also be able to set up displaying of different content types within the same bulk email for different customer segments. For instance, you can setup either sending of different email templates or displaying different content blocks within the same template for bulk email participants who belong to different dynamic folders. Every campaign participant thus will be receiving the most relevant information.


  • New campaign element: [Create/Edit object]. This element will enable you to add new or edit existing objects as part of your automated marketing campaigns. For example, you can modify order status, add products, plan activities, etc.

  • New campaign element: [Add upon signal]. The element will enable you to run separate campaign steps upon signal as soon as a record that corresponds to the set conditions appears in bpm’online. For instance, an email confirming order or event registration will be sent to a contact right after a landing page web-form is submitted.

  • In addition to selecting an existing contact folder, there will appear an opportunity to set up filter conditions in the campaign designer [Add from folder] element properties area. You will also be able to add campaign participants repeatedly.

  • icn_mobile.pngCustomer database management tools



    The improved search for duplicates will prevent the entering of duplicate information for better management of the client base. New features:

  • Search for duplicates by custom columns when saving records. For example, you can configure the search for contact duplicates by SSN.

  • The search for duplicates when saving a record in any system section, including custom sections.

  • Notifications about similar records when entering data.

  • Duplicates search when adding data, even if the user does not have access permission to all records.

  • Duplicates search in case of partially matched records.

  • icn_mobile.pngMobile application

    Contact number auto-detection


    When receiving incoming calls, mobile app users on iOS will be able to auto-detect phone numbers of bpm’online contacts who are not in the device’s phone book.


    Rules for automatic linking of emails


    A number of pre-set rules for linking emails to bpm’online opportunities, orders, leads and cases will be added. For example, if an email was received from a customer who has an open opportunity, and the current user is a member of the opportunity team, the email will be linked to the corresponding opportunity. The rules will be available in the [Opportunities], [Orders], [Leads] and [Cases] sections. The setup process for custom linking rules will be simplified. Linking rules can be individually enabled or disabled for each mailbox.

    Integration with web services

  • When you set up a web service, you will have an opportunity to send test queries for verifying its operation without creating business processes.

  • The web service setup will be considerably accelerated due to automatic parsing of web service request and response examples (obtained from web service documentation) as well as the test query responses.

  • icn_business_procecces.pngBusiness processes

    Business process elements

  • A new type of [Sub-process] element will be implemented. You will be able to use it for running many separate process instances based on data collections. All the process instances can be run simultaneously or one by one. For instance, you will be able to calculate a discount for every customer from the selection and record it on the customer’s page.

  • icn_dcm.pngCase management

    Case log


    The new log will enable tracking the progress of case instances. The case log will save case launch and execution history for each case instance, stage and step. Each case instance will contain information on the time when the case was initiated, what stage is the case on now, who and when transitioned between the stages and who performed the case steps. Additionally, you will be able to resume or cancel case instances directly from the case log.

    icn_user_settings.pngUser customization tools

    Business rules


    Business rule configuration in the section wizard will be simplified. New business rule features will include:

    • Ability to set up populating and deleting the values in the fields in a filtering action.

    • Ability to populate a field with default value.

    Predictive data analysis


    We will add tools for creating and setting up machine learning models for predictive scoring in any bpm’online section. These models will automatically calculate the probability of a target event. The prognosis will be based on the historical data analysis as well as real-time data analysis.

    Section wizard

  • You will be able to change the field properties when setting up a record page in the section wizard. For instance, there will be an opportunity to set the length of a string field, setup the value accuracy in the “Decimal” type filed, etc.

  • We will enable creating additional edit pages by copying the existing ones. For instance, you will be able to create partners’ account edit pages based on customer account edit page.

  • Detail wizard

  • An object will automatically be created for a new detail in the [Configuration] section whenever you create a new detail in the detail wizard.

  • You will now have an opportunity to setup filter conditions for displaying detail records when you add a detail to a page. For example, you will be able to display only activities of the “Meeting” type on the [Activities] detail of the contact page.

  • Creating of a new section based on an existing object


    We will enable you to create new sections based on existing bpm’online objects.


    Faster data exchange


    We will add web socket support when deploying bpm’onlie as a web farm.