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Discover new exciting features of future bpm’online releases.

If you are looking for information on the latest available bpm'online version, please see bpm'online release notes.

Please note that features described here are currently a work-in-progress. Any specifics, such as user interface, graphics, captions, etc. is subject to change.


bpmonline designerBpm’online designer

New product: Bpm’online designer


We are hard at work on a completely new product for business analysts - Bpm’online designer. This product will enable you to design, document and share business processes in a functional, accessible and unified ecosystem, perfect for any business process-related task, from sharing your personal business process expertise to developing end-to-end corporate business processes and internal regulations.





Bpm’online designer primary features will include:

  • Single process library. Structured and organized storage for your business processes with convenient search and navigation functions. Customizable multi-level structure can include separate business processes, process maps and folders.

  • Business process knowledge base. Unified environment for analysts and business users will ensure effective collaboration between different team members engaged in designing and optimizing business processes. Every employee will be able to access the most recent information on the business processes that the team is working on.

  • Visual process map. A process map visually interprets the high-level structure of the company’s existing business processes, their interactions with other processes and external factors. Process maps can include business processes (process diagrams or planned processes) or other process maps.

  • Professional process designer. Convenient multi-functional business process editor enables adding of new elements, flows, as well as using drag-and-drop and interactive hints. The process designer will ensure full support of BPMN 2.0 notation as well as import and export functions.

  • Collaborative process design. Bpm’online designer enables several users to work on process simultaneously. All changes will be saved and immediately displayed to all users who are working with the process. You can invite a colleague to work on your diagram by sharing a link to your business process. Users can leave comments in different elements of a business process to discuss the process design issues, create to-do lists and post suggestions.

  • Documenting of processes and employee education. Shared process development environment will ensure quick documentation of your business processes, which will immediately become available to all employees.

  • Process playback mode. Interactive demonstration of actual process flow will help speed up training of employees to work with a new business process. Using a special toolbar, a user can go through the key points in the process flow and read detailed comments for each element.

  • Interactive environment for business process specialists. You can publish your business processes as interactive diagrams for preview on third-party sites. The previews will remain linked to the corresponding business process in bpm’online designer: if the process diagram is modified, the preview will be updated as well.

  • Seamless implementation of designed business processes in bpm’online products. Bpm’online designer will be integrated with other bpm’online products. The integration will enable to convert any business process diagram in the bpm’online designer to an executable business process in another bpm’online product.

icn_marketing.pngBpm’online marketing

New elements in the Campaign Designer


We have two new Campaign Designer elements in the works: Add record and Modify record. They will be somewhat similar to the “Add data” and “Modify data” elements found in the Process Designer, and will be intended to adapt the same mechanics for use as part of the campaign flow.

Whenever a campaign participant arrives at the “Add record” step, a record will be added in the specified object with the specific field values. Unlike the “Add data” element in the Process Designer, the “Add record” element will be able to add records only to those objects that can be directly linked to a contact record:

  • Contact folders

  • Leads

  • Activities

  • Calls

  • Queues

icn_mobile.pngCustomer database management tools



The improved search for duplicates will prevent the entering of duplicate information for better management of the client base. New features:

  • Search for duplicates by custom columns when saving records. For example, you can configure the search for contact duplicates by SSN.

  • Notifications about similar records when entering data.

  • Duplicates search when adding data, even if the user does not have access permission to all records.

  • Duplicates search in case of partially matched records.

icn_mobile.pngMobile application

Contact number auto-detection


When receiving incoming calls, mobile app users on iOS will be able to auto-detect phone numbers of bpm’online contacts who are not in the device’s phone book.


Rules for automatic linking of emails


A number of pre-set rules for linking emails to bpm’online opportunities, orders, leads and cases will be added. For example, if an email was received from a customer who has an open opportunity, and the current user is a member of the opportunity team, the email will be linked to the corresponding opportunity. The rules will be available in the [Opportunities], [Orders], [Leads] and [Cases] sections. The setup process for custom linking rules will be simplified. Linking rules can be individually enabled or disabled for each mailbox.

icn_dcm.pngCase management

Case log


The new log will enable tracking the progress of case instances. The case log will save case launch and execution history for each case instance, stage and step. Each case instance will contain information on the time when the case was initiated, what stage is the case on now, who and when transitioned between the stages and who performed the case steps. Additionally, you will be able to resume or cancel case instances directly from the case log.


New UI for managing access permissions


We will revamp the access permission management interface for a clearer and more flexible administration of bpm’online objects. The idea is to simplify the access rights setup procedure and make the overall process more flexible and intuitive.

Features of the new access permission management UI include:

  • Completely revamped interface for setting up access permissions to objects

  • Simplified setup of access permissions by operations and by records

  • Improved and streamlined column permission setup experience

  • Applying access permissions to records for already existing records upon enabling managing by records in an object.

New permission management interface