Upcoming bpm'online releases
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icn_sales.pngBpm’online sales

The sales pipeline dashboard


The new “Sales pipeline” dashboard will enable you to get deeper lead maturity insights, from initial interest to a closed deal.

Cyclic tasks in Field sales


The new visit scheduling functionality will improve field force efficiency via the new [Cyclic tasks] section. The section will enable field sales personnel to plan their visits by managing calendars and calculating the optimal traveling distance for each visit.

icn_marketing.pngBpm’online marketing

The updated campaign designer


The campaign designer will be reworked completely, based on the bpm'online business process designer. The upcoming features include:

  • Copying elements

  • Recovering unsaved changes

  • Campaign diagram search

  • Multiple options of entering and leaving the campaign

  • Campaign branching based on contact segments

Campaigns will also include the following features:

  • A number of new campaign elements

  • The ability to scale campaigns while working with large amounts of data and when running a lot of campaigns

  • The ability to edit ongoing campaigns and restart finished campaigns

  • New campaign analytics will calculate conversions by individual elements and display the campaign execution log


Newsletter optimization


A shorter time gap between starting a newsletter campaign and receiving outbound analytics like click and open rates. The upcoming optimizations include:

  • Faster response processing from the newsletter provider and faster data transmission to bpm’online.

  • Performance tweaks to ensure incoming outbound analytics are distributed faster in bpm’online.

icn_service.pngBpm’online service

Multilingual notifications


New automatic notification messages to clients will enable you to respond your customers in their native language. The upcoming features include: The upcoming features include:

  • Selecting preferred languages for contacts

  • The content designer will be able to create templates in different languages

  • You can select a template in the appropriate language when you send automatic case registration notifications based on the system analysis of the contact’s preferred language

  • Improved logic of preferred inbox selection for automatic notifications, based on the original email used by the customer to submit their case.

Case page improvements


The [Description] field will be displayed immediately, after opening the case page.

“Thank-you page” will be displayed after submitting customer feedback


To obtain objective and timely feedback from your customers a special “thank-you” page will be implemented. After evaluating service level of a case, customers will be redirected to the new thank-you page, where they can leave additional feedback in the form of comments.

The appearance and text on the “thank-you” page can be customized.


icn_basic_interface.pngCore functions

New system languages


Bpm’online will support the following languages:

  • Arabic

  • Hebrew

  • Farsi

The system will use updated fonts to display text in accordance with RTL (right-to-left) standards. The UI elements will be displayed similarly for better user experience.


Filtering based on noteworthy events


The ability to filter contacts and accounts based on their noteworthy events (birthdays, corporate events, etc.). You will be able to create a folder based on this filter and use it for newsletters and notification emails.

icn_mobile.pngMobile application

Sorting and filtering in sections


Sections in the mobile application will feature simple filtering options. Additionally, all dynamic folders configured in the desktop version of bpm’online will be available in the mobile version.

Push notifications


Mobile application users will receive push notifications and reminders with valuable updates, such as meeting reminders or feed notifications.


Rules of connecting emails to records


New pre-configured rules of connecting emails to opportunities, orders or leads. For example, if an email was received from a customer who has an open opportunity, and the current user is in the sales team, the email will be automatically connected to the opportunity. These rules will be implemented for the [Opportunities], [Orders], [Leads] and [Cases] sections. Additionally, creating and configuring new rules will be easier, with the ability to enable/disable certain rules for individual mailboxes.

Processing password change on the mail service


The communication panel will inform you about any encountered problems while downloading emails from the mail server. If you can not synchronize your emails due to an incorrect password, you will be able to quickly change it without having to go to mailbox settings.

icn_business_procecces.pngBusiness processes

Performance optimization


Working with business processes and system records will be much smoother due to technical business processes or their individual parts running in the background. All assigned tasks for business processes will be displayed in the special notification panel.

Process log archive


Outdated records of executed process instances will be automatically moved to the archive. This will improve the overall performance of the application and make working with the process log a lot easier. System users will be able to view archived records and analytics.

Scheduled processes


The process designer will feature a new “Start timer” element. This element will enable you set the process startup frequency (e.g., every hour, every working day at 9:00 or every first day of the month).

Approving procedure


You will be able to run approving procedures in all system sections. The setup of approving procedures will become more user-friendly.

icn_dcm.pngManaging cases

Case log


A list of all started cases (case instances) will be available in the case log. In the log, you will be able to see when each case was started, who completed a case step, case progress, status etc. Additionally, you will be able to continue or stop a case instance directly in the log.

icn_user_settings.pngUser customization tools

Dashboards on record pages


The updated section wizard will enable you to add dashboards to record pages. The process of setting up record dashboards is similar to setting up section dashboards.

Installing and deleting Marketplace applications


Users will be able to install Marketplace applications directly in the bpm’online interface.

You can manage your Marketplace applications via the new [Applications] section. The section will enable you to install trial versions, purchase and distribute licenses, delete applications, etc.


Data retrieval optimization


Data retrieval mechanisms (e.g. filtering, displaying dashboards) will be optimized.

icn_development.pngDevelopment tools

Switching to the new .NET framework version


Staring with version 7.10.3, bpm'online is migrating to the new .NET Framework version – 4.6.2. The .NET Framework versions are backward compatible. We recommend migrating to version 4.6.2 to get new features in ASP.NET, cryptography, sqlClient, Windows Communication Foundation, Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), Windows Workflow Foundation (WF), ClickOnce, as well as debugging improvements and much more.

Switching to the new .MS SQL Server version


Starting with version 7.10.3, bpm'online will no longer support MSSQL2008 and MSSQL2012. The MSSQL 2012 SP3 version (and higher) will be supported. We recommend updating your .MS SQL Server before we roll out bpm’online version 7.10.3.