Upcoming bpm'online releases
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icn_marketing.pngBpm’online marketing

The updated campaign designer


The campaign designer will be reworked completely, based on the bpm'online business process designer. The upcoming features include:

  • Copying elements

  • Recovering unsaved changes

  • Campaign diagram search

  • Multiple options of entering and leaving the campaign

  • Campaign branching based on contact segments

Campaigns will also include the following features:

  • A number of new campaign elements

  • The ability to scale campaigns while working with large amounts of data and when running a lot of campaigns

  • The ability to edit ongoing campaigns and restart finished campaigns

  • New campaign analytics will calculate conversions by individual elements and display the campaign execution log

icn_service.pngBpm’online service

Multilingual notifications


New automatic notification messages to clients will enable you to respond your customers in their native language. The upcoming features include:

  • Selecting preferred languages for contacts

  • The content designer will be able to create templates in different languages

  • You can select a template in the appropriate language when you send automatic case registration notifications based on the system analysis of the contact’s preferred language

  • Improved logic of preferred inbox selection for automatic notifications, based on the original email used by the customer to submit their case.

Case page improvements


The [Description] field will be displayed immediately, after opening the case page.

“Thank-you page”, will be displayed after submitting customer feedback


To obtain objective and timely feedback from your customers a special “thank-you” page will be implemented. After evaluating service level of a case, customers will be redirected to the new thank-you page, where they can leave additional feedback in the form of comments.

The appearance and text on the “thank-you” page can be customized.

icn_dcm.pngDCM Cases

Copying elements in the case designer


You will be able to copy schema elements that are used in cases faster.