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After completing development and testing of your application, you can begin publishing it in the marketplace. However, before product publishing, it is recommended to familiarize yourself with regulations on releasing partner solutions. In addition, the application must meet the general marketplace product requirements.

General marketplace products requirements

Basic requirements to the published applications:

  1. Product summary – a brief and user-friendly description of your application. The summary should cover the product’s main functionality and the tasks that the product solves. Cannot exceed 115 characters with spaces.
  2. Detailed product description – full description of your product capabilities and advantages.
  3. Screenshots – at least 1 screenshot that illustrates the product’s functions. The minimum resolution is 1024px in width.
  4. Compatibility – bpm'online products and versions, that your product is compatible with.
  5. Price – specification of the pricing model for your product.
  6. Packages – packages with implemented functions that are specified in the product description
  7. Application logo – a corporate background image in PNG, GIF, JPG or JPEG format, 262x216 px. Not white, preferably in dark tones. Lower half of the image must contain developer’s logo in white color.
  8. Developer logo – a PNG, GIF, JPG or JPEG image, 200px in width, preferably with white background.

Product requirements:

  1. Operability – the product must work exactly as claimed in the description.
  2. Compatibility – the product must be compatible with bpm’online products and versions specified as compatible during registration.
  3. Performance – the product must not cause a performance decrease of the base bpm’online product it was designed for.
  4. Description – product description must not contain lexical, syntactic or semantic errors.
  5. Data confidentiality – the application must not obtain access to and transfer data illegally from the application where it is installed. Any data transfer that occurs after installation (in case of integration with third-party solutions) must be explicitly mentioned in the description and occur only after user authorization.
  6. Support – the developer undertakes to provide technical support to the users within the implemented functionality by email, phone or any other communication channel. Support conditions must be explicitly stated in the corresponding section of the product properties page.
  7. Updates – when releasing product updates, the developer shall include all bug fixes and modifications in the description.

Starting the publishing process

To publish the finished product, you need to go to the application page in the Developer workspace and click the [Publish] button (Fig. 1).

Fig. 1. Initiating the publishing process

After the product is submitted for publication, it will be automatically sent to the marketplace support service for verification. The product status will change to "Verification” (Fig. 2).

Fig. 2. Application status change

Product verification and its placement in the marketplace

The verification process of the applications developed for bpm'online marketplace is required to ensure that the applications meet the requirements for marketplace products.

During the verification process, the marketplace support service may send you comments to the published product. All comments will be sent to the developer on the Email specified in the developer's profile with detailed comments and recommendations for correction. The product status will change to “Clarification required”. To complete the publication, correct all errors and re-submit the product by clicking the [Publish] button.

After the product is verified by the marketplace support service, it will be automatically placed in the marketplace showcase. The application status in the Personal Area will be changed to “Published”. After publishing the corresponding notification will be sent to the developer by email.

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