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An edit page is a container with a set of fields for entering and editing the columns in the section object schema (see "Section list"). An edit page opens when you create or edit a section list record. Every section contains one or more edit pages.

Fig. 1 The [Contacts] section edit page interface

Every edit page has its own client module schema. For example, the [Contacts] section setup is performed in the ContactPageV2 schema of the UIv2 package. All edit page schemas are inherited from the parent BasePageV2 schema of the NUI package. More information about packages, objects, and modules can be found in the "Packages, schemas, modules" article.

The user interface elements related to the edit page are located in the corresponding containers that are configured in the base or inherited the edit page schema. The main edit page containers include (Fig. 1):

  • the container for the action buttons (ActionButtonsContainer);
  • the container for the left side of the edit page (LeftModulesContainer), which contains the main input fields;
  • the action dashboard container (ActionDashboardContainer) with the action panel and workflow bar;
  • the tabs container (TabsContainer) with input fields, grouped by any attribute (Fig. 1).

If you need to add custom input fields to an edit page, it has to be replaced with a custom edit page. Read more about schemas replacement and inheritance in the article "Creating custom schemas. Replacement and inheritance". You can learn how to add various interface elements to the edit page in a series of articles in the "Page configuration" section.

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