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[Throw message] intermediate event

The [Throw message] intermediate event (Fig. 1) is used to broadcast messages within a current business process. The generated message will activate a [Wait for message] element or a [Message] start element within the same process.

Fig. 1 [Throw message] intermediate event


For example, the “Invoice is paid” message is thrown by the [Throw message] intermediate event within a business process for checking invoice payments. This message triggers all “Invoice is paid” [Wait for message] events in this process (Fig. 2).

Fig. 2 Activating the [Wait for message] intermediate event within a current business process


The same [Throw message] event can initiate event sub-processes within the current business process (Fig. 3)

Fig. 3 Event sub-process activated by the [Message] start event in the same business process diagram


The message generated by the [Throw message] event cannot be sent to a different process.

[Throw message] intermediate event operation


When the element incoming flow is activated, the [Throw message] event generates a specific message that triggers all [Wait for message] elements within the process that are configured accordingly to catch this specified message.


After broadcasting the message, the [Throw message] element activates its outgoing flows.

[Throw message] intermediate event parameters

Which message to generate?

Enter the name of the message event that will broadcast. Make sure that the message name (Fig. 4) matches the name(s) of the message(s) specified in the [Which message should be received?] field of the [Wait for message] element (Fig. 5) and/or the [Message] start event (Fig. 6) on the same process diagram.

Fig. 4 Specifying the name of a message to broadcast


Fig. 5 Example of the [Wait for message] intermediate event that catches the corresponding message


Fig. 6 Example of the [Message] start event that is triggered by the corresponding [Throw message] event


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