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How to delete all records that match a condition

You can delete all records that match specific filter conditions. For example, you can delete all canceled future activities.

To delete records that match a filter, populate the fields of the [Delete data] element the following way (Fig. 1):

Fig. 1 The [Delete data] element setup area


1.In the [Which object to delete data?] field, select an object whose records must be deleted. For example, to delete activities, select the “Activity” object.

2.In the [Delete all records that match condition] area, specify filtering conditions for selecting a list of records to delete. For example, to delete future canceled activities, set up a filter by the [Start] and [Status] columns as shown on Fig. 1.

As a result, the [Delete data] element will delete all records that match the filter. For example, it will delete all activities with the “Canceled” status and whose due date is tomorrow.

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