Business process setup guide (BPMS)

How to create business processes

You can design your own BPMN 2.0 business processes in bpm’online using the built-in Process Designer. A business process diagram can contain:

  • Branches and sub-processes;

  • Elements that are executed automatically by the system;

  • Events that automatically start other business processes.

This chapter describes how to set up the most common business processes.


The following business process design cases cover the functions in bpm'online sales. The designer functions are identical in all bpm’online products but the system sections available in your configuration may differ from those used as examples in this document.


How to add a new business process

Process version control

How to work with elements and flows

Process setup

Process parameters

Designing a linear process

How to design a linear process

How to work with emails

How to create and modify records with a process

How to use sub-processes

How to use events

How to use custom pages

Process setup examples

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