Business process setup guide (BPMS)

Process version control

Process version control in bpm’online ensures that business processes revisions and updates do not disrupt any process instances that are in progress. It enables seamless updates to business process and easy switching between the existing process versions.

A new process version is saved every time the process schema is modified. The new version automatically replaces previous versions of this process in all places where this process schema is used  (e.g. sub-processes). However, all unfinished instances of this process continue to work according to the version they were launched in.

Whenever a process is saved, bpm’online will check:

  • Whether there are running instances of the process

  • If the process package is available for editing

  • If the process is being exported

If the process package can not be modified, the system will ask if you want to save the new version of the business process. After confirmation, the new version will be saved in the package specified in the [Current package] system setting.

If there are running instances of the process or if the business process schema has been exported, the system will ask if you want to create a new version of the schema. If you choose not to, the system will save the process in the existing schema.

To view the version of a business process, select the process, click the [Properties] button and go to the [Process versions] tab.

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