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Section wizard

To add new sections to the system or to modify the existing sections, use the section wizard.

The section wizard can modify base properties of sections, pages, business rules and DCM cases.


Modifications made to the bpm’online configuration when working with the section wizard are stored in the package specified in the “Current package” system setting. If the package that is unavailable for the current user or no package is specified for the “Current package” system setting, then the system will offer you to select another package from the list of available packages when you open the section wizard. Use the [Configuration] section to manage packages , and the [System settings] section – to manage system settings.


All modifications made to the configuration via the section wizard, for example, adding new objects or columns to the existing objects, are applied when the section is saved.

To add a new section via the wizard, open the system designer by clicking the btn_system_designer.png button in the upper right corner of the application. Click the [Section wizard] link in the [System setup] block (Fig. 306).

Fig. 306 Adding a new section



You can open the section wizard only if you have access to the [Access to “Configuration“ section] system operation.

To modify an existing section, open it and select the [Open section wizard] option from the [View] menu (Fig. 307).

Fig. 307 Editing an existing section


Section wizard includes:

setup page of the main properties, where you can setup title, icon and other main properties of the section; Read more >>> 

page designer, where you can manage the set of the elements on the page. For example, you can change titles, properties and location of the fields and tabs; Read more >>> 

business rules configuration page, where you can set if the field is visible, required/optional, available for editing and filtering the values; Read more >>> 

case designer, where you can manage the dynamic processes of the section. Read more >>> 

The page for setting up the start of the business process for any section record. Read more >>> 


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