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The MS Word printables setup

You can use the MS Word printables to create documents based on the section records. For example:

printables of the [Contacts] enable you to print contact summaries;

printables of the [Activities] section can be used to print out emails, minutes of meetings, etc.

Creating a printable involves several steps:

1.Registration of a new printable in the [Printables] lookup. At this stage you need to define a section where the new printable will be used. Besides that, it is necessary to create a list of data columns that will be used in the printable.

2.Downloading a printable template and editing it in MS Word. Here you can set up print form appearance: page layout, text formatting, tables, etc.

To edit the printable template in MS word, you will need to install the bpm’online plug-in for MS Word.


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Setting up MS Word printables in bpm’online

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