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The [Lookups] section

The [Lookups] section is designed to manage bpm’online lookups. For example, in this section, add cities to the list, edit account types, activity categories and other lists that are used in the system. You can also edit existing lookups and register the new ones in this section.

To access the section, open the system designer by clicking the btn_system_designer.png button at the top right corner of the application. In the [System setup] block, click the [Lookups] link.


You can set up access rights to this action using the [Access to “Lookups“ section] system operation.

Section toolbar

When a lookup is selected additional options are available on the top of the standard options:

[Open content] – opens a page for editing the content of a lookup.

[Open settings] – opens a page for editing the lookup settings specified when registering a lookup.


When you edit the content of lookups, do not delete basic content, as this can lead to incorrect operation of pre-configured business processes.


Lookup content page

Lookup settings page

Description of lookups

Video tutorials

Managing system settings and lookups

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