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How to create a new record in a section based on an email message

You can create a new record in any bpm’online section based on an email message on the communication panel. For instance, you can add a new contact based on an email from an unknown sender. The new contact’s email address and name will be automatically populated with the data from the linked email  message. If you add another record (i.e., an opportunity, invoice or an order), bpm’online will automatically populate its corresponding fields on the contact page with the corresponding data from the email message. For instance, when you create a new opportunity, the [Customer] field on the opportunity page will contain the name of the account or contact.

To create a new contact record based on an incoming email:

1.Click the btn_com_email_tab00006.png button on the communication panel.

2.Select an email message.

3.Click the btn_com_add_tab.png  button in the top right corner of the email message and select [Add new] command (Fig. 116).

Fig. 116 Adding a new record based on an email message in the communication panel


4.Select an object (the type of bpm'online record to create) from the menu, for example, “Contact” Fig. 117).

Fig. 117 Selecting the type of bpm'online record to create


5.A new contact edit page will be created, its [Name] and [Email] will be populated with the email message data. You can modify the entered data manually before saving the changes (Fig. 118).

Fig. 118 Page of the contact, created from the email message


As a result, a new record based on the email message data will appear in the [Contacts] section .

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