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Data import

Use data import in bpm'online to add large numbers of records. You can add customer databases, lists of products, lookup records and other data in a matter of minutes using .xlxs files.

We recommend using data import to populate your database with records before you start working with bpm'online. You can also use import for updating existing records.


We recommend you to import data after you set up the permissions in the system, since imported records will be assigned default permissions.

To import information from an Excel spreadsheet to bpm’online:

1.Prepare an Excel file for import: see the "How to prepare a file" article for details. Use the following links to download commonly used template files:

Template for importing accounts

Template for importing contacts

Template for importing products

2.Run the Import Wizard: click the btn_system_designer.png button to open the system designer, then click [Data import].

3.Add an imported file: drag and drop your Excel file on the Import Wizard page, or click [Select file] and locate the file.

4.Select the object (section, detail or lookup) where you wish to import the data. “Account” and “Contact” are the most commonly used import objects. Click [Other] to select a different object.

5.Specify the column mapping by connecting the columns from the Excel file to the fields in the bpm’online import object.

6.Select the columns for identifying duplicate records: select columns whose data must be unique for each of the imported records. Bpm’online will use these columns to ensure that no duplicate records are created after import.


These steps cover general import procedure. For detailed instructions on the most common import cases, please see the corresponding articles in the contents of this section.

To avoid errors, be sure to prepare the import file according to the recommendations in this article.


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