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Content designer

Use content designer to create vibrant html pages that can be used as templates for email notifications, bulk emails, regular emails, etc.

The content designer (Fig. 335) is a WYSIWYG html editor that enables you to add text, images and interactive elements to html pages.

Fig. 335 The content designer


You can find the content designer on the email template page. To do this:

1.Open the system designer by clicking the btn_system_designer.png button at the top right corner of the application window.

2.In the [System setup] block, click the [Lookups] link.

3.In the list of lookups, select the [Email templates] lookup and click [Open].

4.Select the required template and open its page.

5.On the email template page, click the [Edit] button.

The content designer consists of two areas.

•The library of blocks (1) displays a list of pre-configured blocks that can be added on the email template. The blocks can contain images and text elements in different styles. The blocks are stored in the [Content blocks library] lookup. System administrators can add custom blocks using the base “HTML element” content block.

•The working area (2) is the area where page layout is created.

The pre-configured blocks that can be added on the email template comprise the following base content elements:

•Text element. Use this element to add text.

•Image. Use this element to add images. Images can be clickable.

•HTML element. Use this element to create a web-page with a complex HTML markup or to add a custom element that is not available in the content library, such as video.


How to create email templates in the content designer

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