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Analytics setup

In bpm’online, to view the statistics based on information from the system sections, set up the system analytics.

The bpm’online statistics are displayed in the [Analytics] view of the system standard sections, and in the [Dashboards] section.

Information is displayed in the so called dashboard components. A dashboard component displays the system data in various ways, for example, as a chart or a number (Fig. 343).

Fig. 343 The example of an metric dashboard component


Dashboard components are placed on a dashboard (Fig. 344). A dashboard is placed on a tab that displays the dashboard title. You can place dashboard components of the common subject on separate tabs, for example, the “Employees” tab can display statistics on the efficiency of the company, employees, and the “Tasks” tab can show information about employees' activities.

Fig. 344 The example of a dashboard



Setting up dashboards

Dashboard components setup

Video tutorials

Dashboards setup

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