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System designer

System designer comprises the bpm’online configuration tools. To open the system designer, click the btn_system_designer.png button in the top right corner of the application window or click the [System designer] link on the bpm’online home page.


Process management tools

Process library

Opens the [Process library] section where you can edit your existing business process diagrams and create new ones. The section contains a process log.

Process log

Opens the [Process log] section for managing the running processes and viewing statistics on completed processes.


For more information on business process management in bpm’online, please see the bpm’online business process documentation.

Users and administration

Tools for registering users, distributing access rights and auditing the system operations.

System users

Opens the [Users] section where you can set up the roles structure for your company, register users and sort the employees by role. Read more 

Organizational structure

Functional roles

Object permissions

Opens the [Object permissions] section where you can set up user access to operations with system objects. For example, permissions to edit and delete records in the “Account” or “Contact” object. Read more 

Operations permissions

Opens the [Operations permissions] section to set up permissions for global system operations. System operations include workplace setup and import from Excel. Read more 

Audit log

Opens the [Audit log] page containing information about the events that occur in the system, such as user authorization, editing the user role structure, changing access rights to objects. Read more 

Import and integration

Data import and synchronization functions.

Excel data import

Opens the import setup window that you can use to import records from an Excel file to your system. Read more 

LDAP integration setup

Opens the LDAP integration page that you can use to automatically register users in bpm’online as they register in a domain and to enable domain authorization. Read more 

System setup

User tools for bpm’online configuration setup


Opens the [Lookups] page that allows you to set up values for different lookups used in the system, such as the "Job titles", "Industries", "Activity categories" and other lookups. Read more 

Duplicates search rules

Opens the duplicates search rules list for editing, enabling or disabling of pre-configured rules. Read more

System settings

Opens the [System settings] section for additional setup of system sections. System settings control base currency, email parameters, etc. Read more 

Section wizard

Opens the section wizard that allows you to configure the existing sections and create custom sections in bpm’online. Read more 

Detail wizard

Opens the detail wizard that enables you to create custom details in the bpm’online sections. Read more 

Interface setup

Additional tools for tweaking bpm’online interface.

Workplace setup

Opens the page where you can set up the available workplaces and their sections displayed on the side panel. Read more 

Logo customization

Opens the page where you can upload custom logos. Read more 

Color customization

Opens a separate page that enables you to change the color of the side panel. Read more 

Admin area

Developer tools for setting up bpm’online configuration.

Advanced settings

Opens a separate workplace containing a set of developer tools to configure bpm’online.


Detailed descriptions of the developer configurations can be found in the bpm’online development guide.

Video tutorials

System designer


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