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Bpm’online studio overview

Bpm’online studio is a foundation for creating custom solutions on bpm’online platform. It is best suited for medium and large businesses, as well as system integrators and developers of bpm’online solutions. Bpm’online studio can be used to handle a wide range of tasks. These tasks can be grouped into a number of functional blocks.


Business process management (BPM)

Use the built-in business process modeling systems to automate your processes of any complexity.

The process designer lets you create business process in BPMN notation.

The [Process log] section will provide tools for business process monitoring and analysis. You can view each process instance as a diagram, check which process steps have completed and stop any business process.

The dashboards of the [Process log] section provide analytical tools for keeping track of business processes in your company.

The process designer

Process log

Case management

Use the case designer to automate unstructured business processes. These “case” processes are best used if the case goal can be achieved in a number of ways that may change during the course of the process and cannot be foreseen.

The dynamic case designer

System designer

Bpm’online studio has all the tools necessary for creating custom solutions. All configuration tools are available in the system designer.

Create and edit sections, set up section and page properties using the section wizard.

To add new details or edit existing ones in the sections, use the detail wizard.

Set up appearance by uploading your corporate logos, change the color of the section panel, set up workplaces for different types of users.

Use data import to quickly populate the database with initial information.

Generate company organization structure, add users, set up functional roles and access permissions.

Set up analytical reports and dashboards in the [Dashboards] views and the [Dashboards] section.

Use the mobile application wizard to set up the mobile app of your custom configuration.

Advanced settings area of the system designer provides access to development tools.

System designer

Section wizard

Detail wizard

Workplaces setup

Data import

Users and roles management

Analytics setup

Mobile application wizard

Base configuration

Bpm’online studio has six base sections: [Employees], [Contacts], [Accounts], [Activities], [Feed] and [Dashboards].

Use the [Activities] section to plan your work hours, schedule meetings and tasks.

Maintain a centralized database of companies and contacts in the [Accounts] and [Contacts] sections. Use these sections to store, update and analyze full scope of information about your customers, contact persons, customer accounts, suppliers, competitors and more.

Maintain an up-to-date database of your human resources in the [Employees] section. Here you can store and update information about past and present employees, their contact details, career movements and access rights. The dashboards of the [Employees] section provide useful HR analytics.

Use the [Dashboards] section to check system-wide analytics, available in a comprehensive visualized way. Check workload statistics, account and contact analytics, HR dashboards and more.

Use the communication panel to interact with customers and colleagues with no need to switch from your current tasks. Make calls, process and send emails, interact with your colleagues through enterprise social network, track noteworthy events, check pending reminders and system notifications,

The [Activities] section

The [Contacts] section

The [Accounts] section

The [Employees] section

Analytics setup

The [Feed] section

The communication panel


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