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Bpm’online pharma functionality is designed to efficiently schedule the med reps' visits to doctors and pharmacies, build routes on the map, manage the visit activities and assist med reps during the visits.


This function is unavailable for the Oracle DBMS.

How pharma functionality can be used by a med rep

Use a mobile device with the bpm’online application installed during your visits. After selecting the required visit in the calendar, you will be transferred to the visit page, which will display the visit action list and switches for each action.

During a visit, bpm’online will prompt the required steps. For example, when performing the [Presentation] action, the screen will automatically display a presentation of new products, etc.

During a visit, you can add orders based on visit results, create a list of products and their number and write down stock keeping unit (SKU) monitoring results and product facing check results. Visits are covered in a separate article.

How to access the pharma functionality

To access the pharma functionality, install bpm’online pharma application from the marketplace. More information about installation of the marketplace applications is available in the separate article.


Pharma functionality requires at least 1 bpm’online pharma package license. To access the pharma functionality, all med rep users must be licensed separately.

What elements will appear in bpm’online after the “Pharma” package installation

When the pharma package is installed, several new elements will appear in bpm’online

For example, the [Contacts] section will now display the “Doctor” and “Pharmacist” contact types. The contact page will display the [Specialty], [Category], [Potential], [Loyalty] fields and the [Categorization history] detail. Additionally, the [Products] tab with a detail that contains a list of drugs that are promoted via this contact.

The [Accounts] section will display new account types — “Pharmacy”, “Pharmacy network”, “” and the [Products] tab with a detail containing a list of products promoted via an account.

The product page [General information] tab will display the [Contacts] and [Accounts] details. The details contain a list of contacts and accounts that promote the product. The product page [Categorization] detail will display a new [Nosology] field. This field is used to specify the disease the medicine is subscribed for.

The [Accounts] and [Contacts] tabs will become available in the [Visit scheduling] view of the [Activities] section. The [Contacts] tab shows the list of physicians. The [Accounts] tab shows the list of pharmacies, pharmacy networks and hospitals.

The “Pharma” folder in the [Lookups] section will contain the following lookups: [Doctor potential setup], [Doctor loyalty setup], [Nosology], [Doctor specialties]. New activity categories will be added: “Doctor visit” and “Pharmacy visit”. Two new rules will be added in the field sales lookup: “Doctor visit rule” and “Pharmacy visit rule”.


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