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Predictive scoring

Scoring is a marketing methodology ranking (scoring) objects for evaluating their potential in terms of further mutual cooperation. You can use predictive scoring for complex assessment of different objects, for instance, to evaluate the lead potential, customer loyalty or customers’ interest in your products.

The main feature of predictive scoring is its capability to process considerable amount of historical data and new information within short time and obtain more accurate result compared to other object scoring methods.

Bpm’online has out-of-the-box lead predictive scoring, which determines the likelihood of lead conversion to sale (a “lead maturity score”). Your sales managers can now prioritize their sales efforts based on the lead maturity scores and concentrate on the more mature and higher quality leads.


You can set up predictive scoring for any object in bpm’online. The configuration of machine learning models can only be performed by developer tools.


How lead predictive scoring works

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