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Cyclic tasks

Use the [Cyclic tasks] section to automatically plan sales rep visits to sales outlets. One cyclic task may include multiple visits over a certain period of time.


The [Cyclic tasks] section becomes available after the [Field sales] package is installed.


The following views are available in the [Cyclic tasks] section:

btn_com_list_view.png – a list of cyclic tasks. Displays all cyclic tasks as a list of records.

btn_com_analytics.png – cyclic task dashboards. Enables you to effectively analyze the effectiveness of cyclic tasks (the “Planned visits”, “Completed visits” and “Remaining visits” metrics) and plan the amount of visits ahead of time (the “Available visits” metric).


How to create a cyclic task

How to schedule visits automatically

How to connect a manually created visit to a cyclic task

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