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Mailing log

Using the mailing log, you can monitor preparation and delivery of bulk email. In case of sending problems, you can easily determine the stage at which the error occurred and correct it. To access the log, click the [Mailing log] action from the [Email] section or from the system designer.

Log list

Log data are displayed as a list of records with the following columns:

  • [Email] – bulk mail header. Bulk mail page is opened by clicking the header.

  • [Event] – logged event.

  • [Type] – type of logged event. If the action performed during the bulk email sending was successful, then an event with the "Information” type will be logged. If the action was unsuccessful, then the event with the “Error” type will be logged.


More information on the events that indicate successful sending of a bulk or trigger emails or possible errors in the process of sending the emails is available in the corresponding articles.

  • [Start date] – date and time of the event start.

  • [End date] – date and time when the event ended.

  • [Description] – event details. For example, the description of the “Start sending email” event can be as follows: "Sending email was started on 1/24/2018 3:30 PM EST”. The event description is generated automatically.

  • [Error description] – full description of the error that occurred during the sending.


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