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Campaign log

You can monitor the flow of your campaigns with the help of campaign log. To open the log, click the [Campaign log] action in the [Campaigns] section (Fig. 216).

Fig. 216 Campaign log action


The list view of the campaign log (Fig. 217) displays information on campaign element execution. Aggregate metrics are available in the analytics view.

Fig. 217 Campaign log – list view


The log contains information on elements from all campaigns. After you start a campaign, its events will start appearing in the campaign log. The campaign log is always activated and does not require additional setup.

Campaign log list

Each record in the list is a separate log event. Log data are displayed as a list of records with the following columns:


The name of the campaign where the log event has occurred. Click the campaign name to open the corresponding record in the [Campaigns] section.


The name of the logged action type.


The name of the campaign element in the campaign designer that triggered the logged action.

No. of participants

Number of participants involved in the logged action.


Status of the campaign step execution (“Success” or “Error”).

Start date

Start and end dates of the actual campaign step execution. Depending on the action type, it can be: start and end of the campaign (for “Campaign execution” actions), start/end dates of a campaign element execution (for “Element execution: <Campaign element type>” actions) or date of adding and removing campaign participants manually (for “Participant adding (manually)” action).

End date

Duration, m (sec)

Duration of the step execution in minutes or seconds.

Scheduled date

The date on which the campaign was planned to start if the campaign start was scheduled to a specific date in conditional flows.

Error details

If the status is “Error”, the field displays the error message that can help with diagnosing and resolving campaign errors.

Types of logged campaign actions

Bpm'online logs three types of campaign actions:

Campaign execution

Indicates the start of a campaign. The first action logged for any campaign.

Element execution: <Campaign element type>

Indicates execution of a campaign element or flow on the campaign diagram.

Participant adding (manually)

Indicates manual adding the participant to the campaign.

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