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The [Add from event] element

Use the [Add from event] campaign element section_campaigns_item_event.png to add event audiences to campaign participants. To connect the element to an event, select it in the [What event to connect with?] field. After the parameter has been filled in, the properties area will display the event dates, type and owner. All contacts from the [Contacts] detail on the event’s [Audience] tab will be added as the campaign participants.

The time for displaying the list of participants on the [Participants] tab depends on the following properties of the [Add from event] element:

  • If the element has an outgoing condition flow with a delay, the campaign audiences will display on the [Participants] tab at the time specified in the condition flow properties area. Learn more about transitions in a separate article.

  • If the element has no outgoing flows, or if a sequence flow is used, the time for displaying the list of participants on the [Participants] tab depends on the default campaign execution frequency. More information about these settings is available in a separate article.

Additional options for outgoing condition flows

If the [Add from event] element has outgoing condition flows, the possible responses of the event audiences will be added to the list of the available conditions under the [What is the result of the step?] group (Fig. 213).

Fig. 213 Using the [Add from event] element with condition flows


This way, only the participants whose campaign responses correspond to those selected in the condition flow will transfer down that flow.


The campaign will take into account the responses available at the time of transfer for participants who have not transferred yet. For example, if you set a 3-day transition delay for “No response” condition, all contacts who have “No response” response by the end of the 3-day period will transfer down this condition flow.


You can add custom event participant responses in the [Response in events] lookup.

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