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How to set up the information displayed in the sections of the customer portal

The information in the customer portal section is displayed as a list of records: cases, knowledge base articles, etc.


More information about bpm’online section lists is available in a separate article.

You can choose which information is displayed in each section list. To set up lists, use the [View] menu (Fig. 326).

Fig. 326 The list setup menu



Add case response time information to the list of the [Portal Cases] section.

1.Go the [Portal Cases] section.

2.In the [View] menu, select the [Select fields to display] command.

3.Select the [Resolution time] column and click the btn_small_plus.png button on its left (Fig. 327).

Fig. 327 Adding the [Response time] column to the list


4.A column selection window opens. Choose the “Response time” in the drop-down list and click the [Select] button.

5.Adjust column width if needed. To do this, drag its left or right border with your mouse.

Fig. 328 Changing a column width


6.Save the new settings.

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