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Installing applications from the marketplace

Use the [Installed applications] section in the system designer to install marketplace applications and other bpm’online packages. You can install an application directly from marketplace.bpmonline.com, or from a local file (bpm’online marketplace applications have an option to download them as zip archives).


Create a bpm’online marketplace account to be able to download and install applications directly from marketplace.bpmonline.com.

To install a new bpm’online application directly from the marketplace:

1.Open the system designer by clicking the system_designer.png button in the top right corner of the application window.

2.Click the [Installed applications] link.

3.Click the [Add application] button and select the [Choose from Marketplace] option from the displayed menu (Fig. 1).

Fig. 1 Selecting the installation method


4.Select the application you want to install on the marketplace page.

5.Be sure to read the application information, including its features, requirements and support conditions. If the application requirements match your bpm’online configuration, click [Install].


Do not install an application if your bpm'online configuration is not in the list of compatible products.

6.You will need to log in to your marketplace account before the application can be installed.

7.On the marketplace installation page, enter the address of your bpm’online site and click [Install] (Fig. 2). You will be redirected to the application installation wizard in bpm’online.

Fig. 2 Bpm’online marketplace installation page


8.Click [Install] on the bpm’online application installation wizard page (Fig. 3).

Fig. 3 Bpm’online application installation wizard



The installation may take several minutes to finish. Wait for the process to complete before taking any further action.

Once the setup is complete, the new application will appear in the [Installed applications] section. You may need to add new sections in workplaces before you start working with the application.


If you installed a trial version of an application and want to continue using it, contact your support manager to purchase licenses.

You can also install an application from file that you can download from the marketplace. This option is recommended for bpm’online on-site. To do this:

1.Log in to your marketplace account.

2.Select the needed application, verify its compatibility with your bpm’online configuration and click [Install].

3.On the opened page, click the [Packages] tab, then click “Download the application packages”. An application with a .zip extension will be downloaded.

4.Log in to bpm’online. Open system designer and click [Installed applications].

5.Click [Add application] –> [Install from file].

6.On the application installation page, click the [Select file] button and select the downloaded application archive (Fig. 4).

Fig. 4 Selecting file on marketplace application installation wizard


7.Once you select the file, the installation will be run automatically.

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